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Beatrice, Mullet Fingers, Garrett, Mr. Ryan, Elizabeth Eberhardt, Mr. Eberhardt, David Delinko, more...


Chuck Muckle, Dana Matherson

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Trace Middle School student, Owl Protector

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Roy Andrew Eberhardt is the son of Mr. Eberhardt and Elizabeth Eberhardt. He has lived in seven different locations, the known locations being, Detroit, Michigan, Montana, and Coconut Cove, Florida. Roy aided in saving the small burrowing owls residing at the Mother Paula's construction site in Coconut Cove.

Roy's favorite place of residence was Montana, but this could have changed after Roy grew to like Florida more. Two of Roy's best friends are Napoleon Bridger, (Mullet Fingers) and Beatrice Leep.



Roy enjoying the Montana countryside.

From Montana to Detriot

Born in 1989 (book) or 1992 (film) in Detroit, Michigan. In Roy's pre-teen to early teen years, he moved with his family to Montana. He enjoyed everything about the state. It is mentioned in the book that on a Field trip Roy once hiked Pine Creek Trail, which leads to the Absaroka Range, overlooking the Yellowstone River..

Roy made his way to the back of the line, and sneaked away from the field trip party. He intended to play a practical joke. The joke included him going back to the campsite, taking a nap when his piers would arrive.

In the woods, Roy made sure he was quiet to avoid being caught by his party below. He ended up being much too quiet, as he stumbled upon a large Grizzly Bear. He wanted to see one all his life, but knew he probably never would in Montana. He was startled, and thought to pull out his pepperspray. However, he remembered that Bears have poor eyesight, and that it is best to remain still and silent. Roy was terrified, but remained silent as the bear went off to her cubs. Nevertheless, Roy remained still and silent for over two hours. One of his school-teachers came to collect him, and he was safe.

Roy's dad "dropped the bomb" and informed his family that they had to move again- this time to Florida, which hosts a completely opposite environment.

Moving to Coconut CoveEdit


Roy is bullied by Dana Matherson.

When Roy first moves to Coconut Cove Florida, he rides the bus to school, wearing a western outfit. This is how he acquires the nickname, "Tex." On the bus, Dana Matherson bullies him severely, pressing his face against the window. Roy notices a "barefoot boy," running outside the bus very switftly. This begins Roy's interest in the boy. He will later try to find him, and help him.

Roy is lost when trying to find his classroom on his first day at Valley Forge Middle School. When he finds Mr. Ryan's classroom, he makes his first friend, Garrett. Garrett and Roy have a conversation outside of the classroom. Roy also shows his interest in Mullet Fingers by helping him help the burrow owls.