Officer David Ian Delinko was the local police officer of the town.

He was born on June 25,1979.

He always wanted to be a police detective and often read the

guide to it when partoling.  He had problems on his duty:

Not knowing how to start his crusier

Forgeting to switch the joy stick in Drive

Not good at sharp turns

Falls asleep on duty at night

makes the Captain disapointed!

He was sent by the Construction man to keep people off the

construction site.  He failed when he fell asleep and Mullet Fingers

having the fear of what would happen if he discovered the owls spray painted his squad car.

As punishment by the Captain he was given a Pickup Squoter.

He earned his normal cursier back by arresting Dana who was caught on the construction site.

He later chased Roy and helped the kids save the owls by listeing to what they said and by arresting Muckles.